"Град русичів ім'ям Пересічень" у м. Дніпро та археологічні реалії

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Залізняк, Леонід
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У статті розглядаються різні версії історичної інтерпретації відомого давньоруського поселення Огрінь 8, яке досліджувалося археологічною експедицією НаУКМА в липні 2018р. ум . Дніпро.
The multi-layered monument Ohrin 8 since it has been discovered in the 1930-ies had been repeatedly investigated by different archaeological expeditions. The unique dug-outs of Mesolithic time were investigated at Ohrin 8 site by the expedition headed by D.Telehin in 1970-80-ies. The Mesolithic dwellings of the settlement were overlayed by a thick layer with rich Kyiv-Rus materials of the XI-XIII centuries. National university “Kyiv-Mohyla academy" archaeological expedition revealed large collection of materials of the XI-XIII centuries during works at the settlement in 2018. Author of the article gives a short cultural and historical interpretation of medieval materials of the monument. Part of researchers sees in Kyiv-Rus settlement on the Ohrin peninsula an archaeological accordance to the capital of Uliches tribe to the annalistic city Peresichen, mentioned in the Novhorod chronicle under 937-940. The article contains a critical analysis of this hypothesis, the supporters of which see in Kyiv-Rus settlement on Ohrin peninsula direct forerunner of modem Dnipro city megalopolis. In opinion of the author a trade-handicraft settlement of the XI-XIII centuries at Ohrin bay ashore served the important knot of trade-routes on the Dnieper River highway immediately in front of overcoming by the ships of dangerous river thresholds. A settlement had been prospered under control by Kyiv principality of the Dnieper water-way and it was burned by Mongols in the first half of the XIII centuries.
поселення Огрінь 8, Київська Русь, Надпоріжжя, Пересічень, м. Дніпро, стаття, Ohrin 8 settlement, Kyiv-Rus, Dnieper thresholds region, Peresichen, Dnipro city
Залізняк Л. Л. "Град русичів ім'ям Пересічень" у м. Дніпро та археологічні реалії / Л. Л. Залізняк // Археологія. - 2019. - № 1. - С. 95-104.