European Neighborhood Policy as Conflict Prevention Instrument

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Taranenko, Hanna
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The article is dedicated to analyzing the European Neighborhood Policy as conflict prevention instrument. As a conclusion one can note that one of the important vectors of European Neighborhood Policy is building mutually beneficial relationships among participating countries and conflict prevention. ENP as a political instrument and conflict prevention tool is characterized by downturn at the time being. Yet it remains an important channel of communication and ideas exchange between the involved parties and therefore presents potential for further development and security enhancement in the region.
Conflict Resolution, European Union, European integration, the European Union (EU), civil society, European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), Eastern Partnership, Ukraine, conference materials
Taranenko H. H. European Neighborhood Policy as Conflict Prevention Instrument / Anna Taranenko // Ідентичності та політичні інститути : матеріали V Всеукраїнської науково-практичної конференції (Ніжин, 23 червня 2020 року) / [за заг. ред. Ф. В. Барановського, Л. О. Дудки] ; Міністерство освіти та науки України, Ніжинський державний університет імені Миколи Гоголя, Київський міжнародний університет. - Ніжин : НДУ ім. М. Гоголя, 2020. - С. 73-76.