Circular economy: the future of aquaculture sector in Ukraine

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Ozhohanych, T.
Iermakova, Olga
Klenin, Oleh
Dolinskyi, Leonid
Glushchevsky, V.
Tkach, O.
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Ukraine stands on the threshold of economic development and outdated habits. At the same time, the situation with landfills and ecologically oriented productions is much wider than in Western countries. But thanks to the popularity of the transition to alternative energy sources, even the country's population already partially uses it. The aquaculture sector is one of the promising areas of the Ukrainian economy. Currently, it is only taking its modern form. This study examines the prospects for the development of the aquaculture sector in the circular economy, as a reliable pillar of Ukraine's food security in the long term. Weaknesses and opportunities of the sector, as well as pre-war growth trends, are identified. A number of recommendations are also offered to direct attention to the issues of the sector.
alternative energy, aquaculture sector, Ukraine's food security, circular economy, article
Circular economy: the future of aquaculture sector in Ukraine / T. Ozhohanych, O. Iermakova, O. Klenin, L. Dolinskyi, V. Glushchevsky and O. Tkach // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. - 2023. - Article no. 012008. - 9 p. -