The Wheel of Mathematics Learning Methods

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Vlasenko, Kateryna
Lovianova, Iryna
Chumak, Olena
Sitak, Iryna
Kovalenko, Daria
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The article is devoted to the creation of a wheel of mathematics learning methods. The study analyzed how Bloom's taxonomy is used by the educational community. Special attention is paid to the study of the issue of bringing to a single system a set of disparate goals and tasks of learning in new models of education, which provide for the openness of learning to new technologies. Analysis of scienti c works and resources helped to determine the structuring of the Wheel of Mathematics Learning Methods (WMLM). The authors of the article identi ed the areas of didactics that should ll the wheel: Competencies, Motivation, Bloom's Taxonomy, Activities, and Technologies. A structured set of hints for the teacher is presented in the form of 5 sectors of the wheel: Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, Create, Remember Understand. Each sector is a set of constituent components Methods, Forms, Tools, Activities and Active Verbs. The analysis of the results of the survey of 58 respondents proved that Bloom's taxonomy is important both in the selection of teaching methods and means and in the determination of e ective forms of organization of educational activities. It was concluded that the idea of developing a methodology wheel should be based on the structuring of a set of tips for the teacher at all stages of activity from planning to implementation of mathematics education.
mathematics, wheel of mathematics learning methods, Bloom's taxonomy, areas of didactics, organization of educational activities, mathematics education, conference materials
The Wheel of Mathematics Learning Methods / K. V. Vlasenko, I. V. Lovianova, O. O. Chumak, I. V. Sitak, D. A. Kovalenko // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. - 2023. - Vol. 2611, Issue 1. - Article number 012001 (15th International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education ICon-MaSTEd 2023, Hybrid, Kryvyi Rih, 17-19 May 2023). -