Prospective Trends In Neuromarketing ToolsOf The Food Industry In View Of Digitalization

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Zubko, Tatyana
Kovshova, Iryna
Sydorenko, Oksana
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The essence of neuro-marketing is investigated as a new direction of the economy, which emerged based on human brain research and classical marketing data. The main advantages of using neuro-marketing tools for the firm, consumers and society are highlighted. Neuro-marketing technologies that are often used to increase sales are discussed. Emphasis is placed on a behavioural and economic theory about the system of thinking of consumers. The main neuro-marketing factors that influence the decision to buy a product are investigated, their content and prospects for use in amarket economy are determined.The essence of neuro-marketing as a science and the essence of neuro-marketing research is considered. Prospects of development of neuro-marketing are investigated. The methods of neuro-marketing research are divided into two categories: socio-psychological and instrumental. Several benefits of neuro-marketing research have been highlighted, in particular, the possibility of obtaining specific information about peculiarities of consumer buying behaviour and scientific substantiation of consumer reactions to various incentives are included in the key ones. The disadvantages of such studies are also given. Prospects for the development of neuro-marketing methods and tools are considered.
Neuro-marketing, Neuro-marketing Methods, Neuro-marketing Investigations Social and Psychological Instruments of Neuro-marketing, Subconscious Emotions, Neuro-marketing Researches, Emotions, The Consumer, Public Policy, article
Zubko T. Prospective trends in neuromarketing tools of the food industry in view of digitalization [electronic resource] / Zubko T., Kovshova I., Sydorenko O. // International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology. - 2020. - Vol. 29, Issue 8, Special Issue. - P. 2574-2579.