Специфіка здійснення реформи децентралізації в регіонах України: здобутки і прорахунки

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Бевз, Тетяна
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Decentralization in Ukraine is defined as a national priority. Due to decentralization, citizens will have an opportunity to solve their problems independently. Decentralization is also important because it is intended to change the way of people thinking, behaviour and become an effective instrument of economic, infrastructural and social development. An influence of the central government on the processes of decentralization in the regions, on the one hand, and silent observation or even sabotage, distrust, unbelief and sometimes direct opposition from the part ofheads of regional and district bodies of representative and executive power on the other one are considered. Problems of community configuration are analyzed; model: one district - one community, radical changes in many spheres of life of the United Territorial Communities: positive and negative experience. There are some trends in the activities of the United Territorial Communities: those communes which have been created earlier focus on the increasing of the revenue side of their budgets, decide how to augment budget in the future, develop business and newly created communities invest in solving urgent problems. The greatest opposition to decentralization by regional state administrations is observed in Kyiv, Sumy, Transcarpathian, Odesa oblasts. Particular attention is paid to the situation in the United Territorial Communities of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.
decentralization, reform, regions of Ukraine, United Territorial Communities, стаття
Бевз Т. А. Специфіка здійснення реформи децентралізації в регіонах України: здобутки і прорахунки / Бевз Тетяна // Народна творчість та етнологія. - 2019. - № 3. - С. 65-75.