Мнения населения Беларуси и Украины о региональных геополитических союзах: межстрановые различия и динамика

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Хуткий, Дмитро
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The article deals with comparative synchronous and diachronic analysis of opinions of the population of Belarus and Ukraine concerning regional geopolitical unions – the European Union and the Customs Union – based on the data of nation-wide representative sociological surveys. It was found out that Belarus and Ukraine demonstrate a considerable internal differentiation of opinions, whereas in Ukraine they are more ambivalent and polarized than in Belarus. While in Belarus orientation towards the CU dominated significantly, in Ukraine it had only slight prevalence. It was discovered that for some time Belarus and Ukraine had been displayingd a middle-term tendency of a decrease of orientation to the EU countries and an increase of orientation towards CU countries. However, in Belarus in the middle of 2013, both of these orientations equaled, and at the end of 2013 in Ukraine there was a marked geopolitical reorientation from the CU to the EU.
Хуткий Д. А. Мнения населения Беларуси и Украины о региональных геополитических союзах : межстрановые различия и динамика Дмитрий Хуткий // Перекрестки. Журнал исследований восточноевропейского пограничья. - 2014. - № 1-2. - С. 107-120.