Factors of working environment influencing occupational stress among primary health care doctors in Ukraine

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Shevchenko, Maryna
Yurochko, Tetiana
Hrechko, I.
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Introduction: Stress is considered to be a very common pathology among primary care doctors, since practically any professional activity requires significant emotional, mental and practical efforts. The aim has determined the factors associated with occupational stress and compare the difference of behavior patterns which is used to reduce stress among primary care doctors in Ukraine. Materials and methods: The authors used medical-statistical methods as well as analyzed questionnaires of the sociological survey conducted among general practitioners and family doctors of the primary care level from various regions of Ukraine. Results: Occupational stress is a common symptom among primary care physicians of different ages and genders in Ukraine. For primary care doctors the most common symptoms related to occupational stress were found to be burnout (n=93), poor night’s sleep (n=84) and tiredness (n=84). Female doctors experience more often symptoms such as frequent headaches tiredness, burnout, whilst for male doctors feelings of irritation and anxiety are more common indicators of occupational stress. Work experience also has a strong association with experiencing stress related to "unrealistic expectations from their patients with complex medical and social problems" (s.df=.082). Young doctors with work experience of less than 5 years and those who have worked for more than 20 years in the industry similarly find it stressful to deal with such "complex patients". Conclusions: Primary care doctors in Ukraine, from many different demographic backgrounds, experience high levels of occupational stress; this is a common health condition, which can have devastating personal and professional consequences.
primary care doctor, occupational stress, professional consequences, article
Shevchenko M. V. Factors of working environment influencing occupational stress among primary health care doctors in Ukraine [electronic resource] / Shevchenko M. V., Yurochko T. P., Hrechko I. I. // Wiadomości Lekarskie. - 2019. - Vol. 72, Issue 5 cz 2. - P. 1038-1042.