"Invisible battalion": women’s participation in ATO military operations (sociological research)

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Martsenyuk, Tamara
Grytsenko, Ganna
Kvit, Anna
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Ukrainian women were involved in protests at Euromaidan 2013-2014, and in all activities, including in the military ones (forming the so-called Women’s Hundreds) on an equal basis with men. Currently, women are also fighting in the ATO, which has been repeatedly covered by media reports. Yet, there is still an important question about visibility of women and recognition of their role (on a par with men) by the state and society.The purpose of this investigation was to find out specifics of women’s participation in the military operations in the ATO zone, revealing both possible achievements and problems of women’s integration in the military. We began with a desk research of gender aspects in the armed forces, which included analyzing statistics of women’s involvement in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the status of women’s integration in the military structures, as well as a review of the relevant legislation etc. Secondly, we presented the results of expert interviews on gender aspects of women’s integration into the army in Ukraine and the women’s situation in the combat zone. Thirdly, we analyzed how mass media portrays the ATO women. Fourthly, we used the ethnographic research in the ATO zone (observation, interviews with women and men involved in combat actions) to clarify the legal aspects of women’s participation in the ATO, the gender division of labor, living conditions and medical problems faced by women etc.
military sociology, gender equality, Euromaidan, ATO zone, Armed Forces of Ukraine, women in army
Grytsenko Ganna. “Invisible battalion”: women’s participation in ATO military operations (sociological research) / Ganna Grytsenko, Anna Kvit, Tamara Martsenyuk ; The Ukrainian Women’s Fund. - Kiev: [The Ukrainian Women’s Fund], 2016. - 63 p.