9th Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education: Report

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Kiv, Arnold
Semerikov, Serhiy
Shyshkina, Mariya
Striuk, Andrii
Striuk, Mykola
Yechkalo, Yuliia
Mintii, Iryna
Nechypurenko, Pavlo
Kalinichenko, Olga
Kolgatina, Larisa
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This is an introductory text to a collection of selected papers from the 9th Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education (CTE 2021) which held in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, on the December 17, 2021. It consists of short introduction, papers’ review and some observations about the event and its future.
Adaptive Cloud Learning Platforms, Blended Learning, Blockchain in Education, Cloud-based AI Education Applications, Cloud-based E-learning Platforms, Tools and Services, Cloud-based Learning Environments, Competency-Based Education Platforms, Digital Transformation of Education, Mobile Learning, Smart Campus Technologies, Social Analytics in Education, conference materials
9th Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education: Report / Kiv A. E., Semerikov S. O., Shyshkina M. P., Striuk A. M., Striuk M. I., Yechkalo Y. V., Mintii I. S., Nechypurenko P. P., Kalinichenko O. O., Kolgatina L. S., Vlasenko K. V., Amelina S. M. // CEUR Workshop Proceedings : 9th Workshop on Cloud Technologies in Education, Kryvyi Rih, 17 December 2021. - 2022. - Vol. 3085. - P. I-IXXVII.