Ефект мультиплікації в декоруванні посуду доби пізньої бронзи

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Отрощенко, Віталій
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Проаналізовано систему декорування доби пізньої бронзи. Розглянуто ефект мультиплікації в оздобленні глиняного посуду означеного періоду.
The era of light chariots with wheels on spokes drawn by horses was the prologue to the epoch-making changes in the transition to the Late Bronze Age. It can be assumed that the contemplation of the rapid movement of wheels on spokes gave almost the first idea of the effect of multiplication in the societies of Steppe cattlemen. The vortex effect of the rotational movement of the wheel led to the image of the swastika, i.e. the sacred symbol of the Aryan chariots. The rotation of the swastika mounted on the axle creates an optical effect of the wheel on the spokes. It was recorded in cases when the swastika was inscribed from the outside in the circle of the bottom of the pot. The effect was enhanced when the vessel (cup) had a base, and the circle of the base together with the swastika was even more harmoniously associated with the rim of the wheel. Rotating the cup in an upside down position on a mobile stand allows you to achieve the effect of animation in the context of the ritual. The era of unprecedented speeds gave impetus to the creation of new dynamic spectacles. Among them were acrobatic games with a bull, artistically embodied in the frescoes of the Minos Palace on the island of Crete and other examples of Cretan and Mycenaean Art. Episodes of this game have been recorded in the ancestral homeland of the Mycenaean rulers in the steppes of Eurasia and in the South Caucasus, in particular petroglyphs of Gobustan, pictograms on ceramics and metal. The study is based on a number of assumptions. The author does not have access to these artefacts, which are currently contained in the museum collections of the four states. But with their size, shape and illustrations of iconic compositions, you can make copies, put on a potter's wheel and try to rotate at different speeds to see if the effect of animation will play on these objects.
українська керамологія, археологічна керамологія, доба пізньої бронзи, глиняні вироби, орнамент, знаки, композиція, ефект мультиплікації, стаття, Ukrainian ceramology, archaeological ceramology, Late Bronze Age, clay products, ornament, signs, composition, multiplication effect
Отрощенко В. В. Ефект мультиплікації в декоруванні посуду доби пізньої бронзи / Віталій Отрощенко // Археологічна керамологія. - 2021. - № 1 (5). - С. 67-74.