Самоський килік із колекції Миколаївського краєзнавчого музею "Старофлотські казарми"

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Буйських, Алла
Чепкасова, М.
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Публікацію присвячено залученню до наукового обігу киліку, виготовленого на о. Самос та привезеного до Борисфену впродовж найранішого періоду грецької колонізації Північного Причорномор’я, в третій чверті VII ст. до н. е.
The publication deals with the introducing for scientific usage the cup from the collection of the Mykolaiv local history museum. It comes from the excavation, most likely, E.R. von Stem, who in the 1900-ies had investigated the ancient settlement on the Berezan Island (ancient Borysthenes) and the settlement of Trypillia culture Petreni. After the transfer of collection parts from Odessa to Mykolaiv, most likely, there was confusion, as a result of which this cup was mistakenly enrolled to the Chalcolithic period section. The cup is a deep rounded vessel, inside completely covered with slip and with stripes along the rim, a thin reserve strip in the area of the handles and a continuous slip coating in the lower part of the wall. Clay contains numerous small mice, typical for the pottery production of Southern Ionia, 7.5YR 6/4. Affiliation of such cups to Samos Island is confirmed by researchers. According to U. Schlotzhauer, the cup refers to type 5, a variant of form 5.2.B with a date of 660/50- 630/20 BC. In the North-Western Black Sea coast, except Borysthenes, only from a few monuments - Histria, Orgam and Olbia - there are finds of cups of type 5, but the early vessels of the variant 5.1 form. So far, only in Orgame and at Nemyriv settlement they have been found yet. In the north-eastern Black Sea region, type 5 kylikes are known only among the finds from the Taganrog settlement. Together with several other finds of this time, namely, the bowl with birds from Trakhtemyriv settlement in the Central Dnieper River region and the subgeometric skyphos from Borysthenes, the Samos cup from the Mykolaiv Museum is among the earliest Mediterranean imports synchronous to the Mileasian emporium formation Borysthenes in the North-Western Black Sea Coast.
Борисфен, Північне Причорномор’я, о. Самос, іонійський килік, грецька колонізація, стаття, Borysthenes, Northern Black Sea region, Samos Island, Ionian cup, Greek colonization
Буйських А. В. Самоський килік із колекції Миколаївського краєзнавчого музею "Старофлотські казарми" / А. В. Буйських, М. І. Чепкасова // Археологія. - 2019. - № 1. - С. 73-78.