Self-reported health and coping strategies of Ukrainian female refugees in the Czech Republic

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Mazhak, Iryna
Paludo, Ana Carolina
Sudyn, Danylo
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The main aim of the study was to investigate the coping strategies and their association with self-reported general health/psychological status in Ukrainian female refugees’ sample (N = 919) in the Czech Republic. The BRIEFCOPE inventory was employed to investigate coping strategies. Binomial logistic regression analysis was performed to investigate the association between self-reported general health status and self-reported psychological status with coping strategies adjusted by socio-demographics. The findings showed that within problem-focused coping strategies, planning what to do and taking action to try to make the stressful situation better has been found the most frequently used. Among the emotion-focused coping, more often used strategies connected with accepting the situation and learning to live in new circumstances. On side of avoidance coping strategies, only strategies to work or to do other activities ‘to take their minds off things’ were used more often. Further, outcomes revealed that ineffective coping strategies of selfblame and behavioral disengagement were associated with poorly reported general health/psychological status, and effective coping strategy was positively associated with better-reported psychological status. The research outcomes could be useful for the policymakers to help Ukrainian female refugees to better adapt to the country and avoid worsening physical and mental health statuses.
refugees, female’s health, self-reported health, coping strategies, coping strategies, the BRIEF-COPE, Ukraine, article
Mazhak I. Self-reported health and coping strategies of Ukrainian female refugees in the Czech Republic / Iryna Mazhak, Ana Carolina Paludo, Danylo Sudyn // European Societies. - 2023. - [Article in press]. -