Social Work Education in Ukraine

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Semigina, Tetyana
Gryga, Irena
Volgina, Oksana
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Development of social work as a professional kind of activity, as a science and a subject keeps going on in Ukraine. The number of educational establishments training specialists in the area of social work gradually grows. A multi-level system of social workers training has been created, the demand for highly skilled specialists in the social area increases. An important factor, which notably influences the training effectiveness at all stages of social education, is a differential approach practiced by different educational establishments and social services. Nowadays it is particularly important, because central bodies are in the process of developing standards for social work practice, and consider the idea of introducing professional licenses for providing social services.
social work, education, Ukraine, соціальна робота, освіта, Україна
Semyghina T. Social Work Education in Ukraine / T. Semigina, I. Gryga, O. Volgina // Ausbildung fоr soziale Berufe in Europa. Band 3 : Mit Beitragen uber Finnland, Russland, Belgien (Flandern), Frankreich, Luxemburg, Tschechien, Ukraine, Ungarn, Rumanien, Moldawien, Liechtenstein / Franz Hamburger, Sandra Hirschler,Gunther Sander, Manfred Wobcke (Hg.) ; Institut fur Sozialarbeit und Sozialpadagogik. - Frankfurt am Main, 2005. - P. 152-170.