Integrated evaluation of investment attractiveness in the context of economic sectors: Ukraine as a case study

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Umantsiv, Iurii
Cherlenjak, Ivan
Prikhodko, Volodymyr
Sonko, Yuliіa
Shtan, Maryna
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This study explores the evaluation of investment attractiveness of Ukraine’s economy. The following factors are analyzed: the social significance of the sector, the coefficient of support for the sectoral development, the coefficient of production efficiency, the index of fierce competition, and the inflation index. The results of applying the calculation of the average value of the weighting factor within a particular sector and the method of the sum of sets show that the most significant influence on the investment attractiveness of the economy sector are factors of economic efficiency and support of the sector by the state. The study is based on the development and calculation of an integrated indicator of sectoral attractiveness. This approach makes it possible to take into account a set of factors and more accurately describe the existing priorities of a particular sector of the economy. The conclusion is that that the most attractive sectors in Ukraine are industry, trade, transport and communications, as well as financial activities. The education sector remains the least attractive for investment. It is estimated that its attractiveness does not exceed 10% of the threshold. Unattractive for investments sectors will need special attention from the government. Correcting the current situation and attracting additional investment in such areas can significantly reduce the burden on the state budget. The findings of this investigation can be used in order to expand the existing tools for the formation of economic policy of Ukraine and improve the practice of evaluation of sectoral investment.
investment activity, sectoral development, integrated assessment, indicator, factor analysis, article
Integrated evaluation of investment attractiveness in the context of economic sectors: Ukraine as a case study / Iurii Umantsiv, Ivan Cherlenjak, Volodymyr Prikhodko, Yuliіa Sonko, Maryna Shtan // Investment Management and Financial Innovations. - 2021. - Vol. 18. Issue 2. - Р. 118-129. -