Мова і модерність

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Демська, Орися
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З огляду на реальні тривалі позамовні обставини головною темою української соціолінгвістики є українсько-російське мовне протистояння, зорієнтованість на українсько-російський білінгвізм, загалом і на українсько-російський мовний конфлікт зокрема.
The contemporary Ukrainian society allocates two types of the socioculturalformations, namely traditional and modem. Each of these two has its own values with one mutual 'value, that is language. According to Robert Hollinger the terms traditional and modem refer to the types of society. As a rule, the traditional society is largely ‘rural, agricultural, authoritarian, religious, relatively small in population, relatively homogeneous and precapitalist or early capitalist ’; vice versa the modem society is characterized by ‘the growth of urban areas, -various forms of capitalism, democracy, science and technology, massive population grown and concentration, and cultural, political, and religious heterogeneity ’ [see 10]. The different features - rural, authoritarian, homogeneous vs urban, democracy, heterogeneity - determine the social attitude to the language; the social functions of the language; the tradition of the language legislation; and the strategies and practices of the languages confrontation or collaboration. It is important to use only one language -which has a great -value for ‘rural, authoritarian, homogeneous ’society. Here this one language has three main functions: consolidating, separating and integrating and provides the homogeneity. The legislation is aimed at protecting this language. The ‘urban, democracy, heterogeneity ’society provides the other social lingual strategies. The language continues to be the -value but it’s not already about the exclusiveness. Much more important is the opportunity of the language to support the changes and diversities; to be the active player in the economic, politic, intellectual spheres; to be able to co-live and co-work-with the other languages in multilingual social space in the time of globality.
традиція, мова, цінність, сучасність, стаття, language, modernity, tradition, values
Демська О. М. Мова і модерність / О. М. Демська // Науковий вісник Дрогобицького державного педагогічного університету імені Івана Франка. Серія "Філологічні науки" (мовознавство). - 2018. - № 10. - С. 29-31.