Will Volunteering Drive Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine?

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Chala, Nina
Pichyk, Kateryna
Voropai, Olga
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Research background: UN Volunteers identify the financial value of volunteer work to reach $287.6 million in 2022. Ukrainian statistical data from the Labour Force Survey reveals that approximately 7.1% of the population aged 15 and over, equivalent to 2,260,800 individuals, were identified as volunteers in January-June 2021. Nonetheless, the literature lacks grounded research on volunteer and social entrepreneurship ecosystems and their cooperation. Purpose of the article: This article explores volunteering as a prerequisite to social entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Namely, the research describes volunteering as part of a larger ecosystem that supports social innovation and entrepreneurship development. Methods: We analyse a selection of articles to identify the structure and interaction between the Volunteering Ecosystem (VE) elements and the input it can provide for the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (SEE). We use desk research to map the VE and secondary data analysis to identify the portrait and the dynamics of volunteering in Ukraine. Findings & Value added: During the war, there are two main directions of volunteering in Ukraine: (1) rear support directly related to combat operations, and (2) organisations that resemble social entrepreneurship, operating with the support of international organisations and state cooperation. The article defines the ways in which the volunteering ecosystem can contribute to social entrepreneurship development: skills formation, networking, and collaboration, identifying social needs, testing ideas and models, inspiration, and motivation. The paper also offers recommendations to stimulate social entrepreneurship through volunteering.
volunteering, social entrepreneurship, volunteering ecosystem, conference materials
Chala N. Will Volunteering Drive Social Entrepreneurship in Ukraine? / Nina Chala, Kateryna Pichyk, Olga Voropai // VIII. International Scientific Conference "Economics, Management & Business 2023: Contemporary Issues, Insights and New Challenges", Spa Nový Smokovec – Congress Centre, High Tatras, the Slovak Republic 28-29 September 2023 / ed.: Róbert Štefko, Richard Fedorko, Eva Benkova ; University of Presov. - Presov : Presov University Press, 2023. - P. 615-627.