Origin of Ukrainians from positions of modern ethnology

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Zalizniak, Leonid
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The process of ethnic unites forming is regulated by universal laws of ethno-historical development. Modern ethnology shows folks as ethno-cultural organisms that were born, pass their life cycle and disintegrate, mostly in the process of assimilation by other peoples. Age of ethnos is determined by continuity of its ethno-cultural development on its ethnic lands. Continuity of ethno-cultural development on lands of England, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Poland and Ukraine from early Middle Ages to our time gave reasons to begin national history of the mentioned folk from 5th - 7th cent. Having passed the tribe phase of development in early Middle Ages (5th - 9* cent.) above mentioned folks of Europe created their first states. In the same time aroused the Kyivan Rus' state that consolidated the Slavic tribes of South Rus' in one ethnos of 'Rutheny' (ancient Ukrainians). Kyiv state in 9* - IS * cent, colonized the forest north of Eastern Europe. As a result ancient Ukrainian ethnoses appeared - Byelorussians, PskovoNovgorods, Russians. As Rome romanizated his provinces, generating the Roma group of peoples, the same ancient Kyiv rusificated (from Rus', but not Russia) the forest north of Eastern Europe. In the process of this colonization, there were born young Russian ethnoses (Belarusians, Pskovo-Novgorods), whose parents were Rus'-Ukrainians of Southern Rus'.
ethnology, Kyivan Rus', genesis of Ukrainians, continuity of etno-cultural development, стаття
Zalizniak L. L. Origin of Ukrainians from positions of modern ethnology = Походження українців з позицій сучасної етнології / Leonid Zalizniak // Spheres of Culture / ed. by I. Nabytovych. - 2017. - Vol. 16. - P. 488-495.