Automated Approach for the Importing the New Photo Set to Private Photo Album to Make it More Searchable

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Nikulin, Dmytro
Buchko, Olena
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This paper focuses on describing several Informational Retrieval (IR) Multimedia Systems that work primarily with private photo albums and it provides comparison of IR Multimedia Systems in terms of functionality. The Informational Retrieval Multimedia systems, used for comparison are selected as the most known and widely used as well. The Informational Retrieval Multimedia systems compared are Mylio, Google Photo, Apple Photo, Synology Moments and digiKam. Moreover, based on these systems comparison, this paper provides the definition of the end-point user needs. Then it provides the identification and the prioritization (based on the author’s experience and opinion) the issues in private information Retrieval multimedia systems to be addressed by any technical solution. The following issues have been addressed as the most important from the end-point user’s perspective: First of all, it is “Not existing EXIF file metadata”.(It is divided into two sub issues: not existing taken date and GEO data for place it was taken at); as second, the linking a photo to an author person entity (Based on camera brand and model given as metadata); And as the last one, linking the set of photos to the predefined type of event, like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, trips etc.(Based on tagging the photos in semi-automated way). For each issue, this document has provided the technical approaches and program algorithms (in a pseudo code) as well. Also, the using of relevant tools is provided if applicable. Each tool mentioned is described in a few words and given with a reference to read about. This document has also described the human involvement into the process, if a totally automated process is not possible. As a conclusion this paper describes the key points that were identified during the identification and addressing the issues. The conclusion also gives a proposal for a technical solution (that is required to be used during importing the new photo set into existing IR Multimedia systems) with context diagram that represents the user, its devices with multimedia data, the system to import the data from user multimedia devices and Informational Retrieval multimedia system to keep the whole private multimedia and to search the target photo set. Finally, it gives the definition of workflow steps to describe the main activity flow (with human involvement and software as well) to be implemented in a technical solution in future.
Цю статтю присвячено мультимедійним системам інформаційного пошуку, зокрема проведено їх порівняння з погляду функціональності. Розглянуто потреби користувача, визначено проблеми у приватних мультимедійних системах інформаційного пошуку. Проаналізовано найважливіші для кінцевого користувача питання: неіснуючі метадані, зв’язок фотографії з авторською особою, зв’язок набору фотографій із заданим типом події. Для кожної проблеми запропоновано підхід щодо вирішення, алгоритми та відповідні інструменти для використання. Також описано участь людини в цьому процесі, якщо повністю автоматизований процес неможливий.
IR Multimedia Systems, Metadata, Photo Album, article, ІR-мультимедійні системи, метадані, фотоальбом
Nikulin D. Automated Approach for the Importing the New Photo Set to Private Photo Album to Make it More Searchable / D. Nikulin, O. Buchko // Наукові записки НаУКМА. Комп'ютерні науки. - 2020. - Т. 3. - С. 141-148.