Perspectives on Ukrainian Cinema: Constructing National Identity and Cultural Resilience

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Lihus, Mariia
Branco, Castello
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Cinema plays a central role in shaping national identity, particularly in postcolonial contexts such as Ukraine. This issue of Cinema –Journal of Philosophyand the Moving Imageembraces the fundamental premise of regarding film not only as an art or mass media form but also as a means of political engagement, serving as a catalyst for constructing social and political identities. Films not only depict specific ‘realities’ but also convey statements. Therefore, understanding how Ukrainian cinema portrays Ukrainian society, politics, and national identity, especially amid the ongoing military, civil, cultural, and political conflict in the country, becomes vital. All articles within this issue delve into Ukrainian cinema’s exploration of national history, deconstruction of imperial narratives, and construction of identity. Contributors analyse themes such as the mobilizing potential of Ukrainian cinema during times of crisis, the role of music in constructing national identity, and the cinematic heritage of Kira Muratova as a form of narrative resistance. Additionally, the articles explore representations of gendered violence, cultural trauma, and collective memory in contemporary Ukrainian cinema. By employing postcolonial perspectives, the authors collectively argue for Ukrainian cinema’s significance as a dynamic cultural phenomenon that reflects and shapes the nation's intellectual and artistic traditions
сinema, national identity, Ukrainian cinema, cinematic heritage of Kira Muratova, article
Lihus M. Perspectives on Ukrainian Cinema: Constructing National Identity and Cultural Resilience / Mariia Lihus, Patrícia Castello Branco // Cinema : Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image. - 2023. - Vol. 15, no. 1. - P. 11-13. -