Історичні витоки та цивілізаційні передумови російсько-української війни 2014-2016 рр.

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Залізняк, Леонід
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У статті робиться спроба з’ясувати історичні витоки та цивілізаційну суть російсько-української війни 2014-2016 рр. шляхом аналізу історії Східної Європи з позицій цивілізаційного підходу, заснованого О. Шпенглером та А. Тойнбі.
The article provides an attempt of identifying the historical origins and civilization preconditions of Russian-Ukrainian war of 2014-2016 by analyzing the history of Eastern Europe from the point of civilization approach established by O. Spengler and A. Toynbee. Russian-Ukrainian war of 2014-2016 is not an ordinary collision of bordering nations for possessing disputed territories, which are so numerous in the history of mankind. For Ukrainians, who protect their motherland from Russian aggression, it is a patriotic war with expressive signs of the armed collision of the highest order called the war of civilizations. The latter means a military conflict of the highest order, a sort of “the war of the worlds”, a tough clash of societies with radically different mentalities, cultural foci, historical memory, traditions. Belonging of Ukraine and Russia to different civilizations (European and Eurasian) is the main reason for aggressive policy of Russia toward its western neighbours, in particular Ukraine. “Priveleged Way of Russia”, which the “Russian World” holds on to, is a prospectless Asiatic method of production which can not counter European market economy and dooms the population to poverty and lawlessness in Asiatic despotism. Imperception of European values by Russia can be explained by the establishment of the Moscow reign in the empire of Genghisids as an ulus of the Golden Horde, which was an Asiatic despotism with the respective totalitarian mentality. nerefore, during all its history, Russia was a despotic state with non-market economy and imperial political system, and any empire is a militarized and supercentralized state which subsists on conquering provinces and benefiting from them. nus, military aggression is a determining feature of all known empires, including modern Russian Federation. The danger of the armed aggression on the land of Russia’s neighbours will persist until Russia remains a supercentralized empire. For Ukraine there is no real alternative to the incorporation in the European family of peoples and transformation into a nation state of the European standard.
європейська та євразійська цивілізації, азійська деспотія, російсько-українська війна 2014-2016 рр., European and Eurasian civilizations, Asian despotism, Russian-Ukrainian war of 2014-2016, стаття
Залізняк Леонід Львович. Історичні витоки та цивілізаційні передумови російсько-української війни 2014-2016 рр. / Леонід Залізняк // Українознавство. - 2016. - № 3 (60). - С. 26-39.