Філософія Василя Лісового у контексті сучасних філософських досліджень

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Єрмоленко, Анатолій
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The essay is devoted to Vasyl Lisovyi — an outstanding figure in the present Ukrainian culture and philosophy. Being an adherent of Kant’s science of mind and sensitive to paradigm changes V. Lisovyi has evolved from ”early” to “late” Wittgenstein and joined “rehabilitation of practical philosophy” as the discourse practice. His work over a manual Principles of Modern Philosophy was directed to representation of paradigm changes and main tendencies of the world philosophical thought. Being a prominent enlightener Lisovyi worked over the projects of new works by Dmytro Chyzhevskyi and anthologies Political Ideologies, a collection of Ukrainian translations of leading representatives of socio-political thought. As to the problems of national identities and universal values, Lisovyi was the adherent of a dialogue of persons, citizens, countries, peoples and cultures and criticized the applying of “Eurasian” measures to Ukrainian culture, defended a necessity to “inscribe” himself in the context of Mediterranean-European cultural tradition. His creative work and life are an example of thinking and action, value orientation of development of the present philosophic thought, formation of political culture and civil society as the political nation in Ukraine
Василь Лісовий, Кант, Вітгенштейн, практична філософія, національна ідентичність, універсальні цінності, діалог культур, Vasyl Lisovyi, Kant, Wittgenstein, practical philosophy, national identity, Universal values, dialogue of cultures, стаття
Єрмоленко Анатолій Миколайович. Філософія Василя Лісового у контексті сучасних філософських досліджень / А. Єрмоленко // Філософська думка. - 2016. - № 6. - С. 87-98.