Contract Law in Ukraine

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Logush, Lyubov
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Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag
The sovereign Ukraine is developing complex contractual relations with states from all over the world and is cooperating actively with universal and the European regional organizations. First, this means cooperation with the Council of Europe whose mem-ber Ukraine became in 1995, and the establishment of close relations with the Euro-pean Union and with NATO. Besides this, measures are under way which are intended to prepare Ukraine for entering the World Trade Organization. Ukraine is trying to integrate itself into Europe and apply common European val-ues to its legal system, such as pluralistic democracy, rights and freedoms of the per-son and supremacy of law. This process could be accelerated if Ukraine determined in its legal system the supremacy of the international law principle. In this context, reference can be made to the Draft Resolution of the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court of Ukraine "On the application by courts of trie avowed principles and rules of the international law and international treaties of Ukraine", which is now publicly be-ing discussed by lawyers. In fact, the authors of the present Draft Resolution consider obvious the thesis that the avowed principles of the international law constitute an integral part of the internal law of Ukraine.
law, Ukraine, право, Україна
Logush L. Contract Law in Ukraine / Lyubov Logush // Structures of Civil and Procedural Law in South Eastern European Countries / Tugrul Ansay, Jurgen Basedow (eds.) ; prepared for Publication by Zeynep Derya Tarman and Christa Jessel-Holst. - [Berlin] : Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, [2008]. - P. 65-73.