More than Neighbours: The Enlarged European Union and Ukraine – New Relations: Policy Paper

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Boratyński, Jakub
Burakovsky, Igor
Dodonov, Boris
Duleba, Alexander
Gromadzki, Grzegorz
Haran, Oleksii
Jakubiak, Małgorzata
Konieczna, Joanna
Kravchuk, Iryna
Nahirny, Wolodymyr
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This paper will explore the challenges and opportunities facing both parties in the development of their relations as they pursue their own particular objectives. It will start by exploring the three potentially disparate agendas, which currently affect relations, namely the EU’s agenda towards Ukraine, Ukraine’s agenda towards the EU and the potential role of new member states in EU-Ukraine relations. The paper will then go on to explore fertile ground for increasing the degree of integration between the Ukraine and the EU (namely, economic issues, Justice and Home Affairs, the Common Foreign and Security Policy, civil society and cross-border co-operation) thereby providing a foundation for the third and final part of the paper – an outline of a road map to guide future relations.
European Union, EU-Ukraine relations, integration and liberalisation, policy paper
More than Neighbours : the Enlarged European Union and Ukraine -- New Relations : Policy Paper. - Warsaw : Stefan Batory Foundation, 2004. - 30p.