Philosophy and Post-Totalitarian Practices

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Yosypenko, Serhii
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This writing aims to outline the principles of researches on philosophy in Central and Eastern European countries, preferably USSR, in the latest soviet and post-soviet periods. In author’s opinion, the crucial points for such kind of research are: a) to discover a correlation between philosophy and the phenomenon of totalitarianism; b) to correlate a soviet philosophy with totalitarian experience. The article considers methodological and axiological problems in research of post-totalitarian practices in general as such as in philosophy. In author’s opinion the main problem in development of the post-soviet philosophy is interiorisation of intellectual, cultural and social practices, which were formed concerning to totalitarian experience. This became a reason of “cynicism” and “nihilism” of post-soviet philosophy. It’s impossible to cast mentioned phenomena off without consideration of totalitarian phenomenon and critical reconsideration of the own totalitarian experience.
Central and Eastern Europe, totalitarian phenomenon, totalitarian experience, Soviet philosophy, post-totalitarian practices, article
Yosypenko S. Philosophy and Post-Totalitarian Practices / S. Yosypenko // Future Human Image. - 2018. - Vol. 9. - P. 134-144.