Д. Я. Телегін і доба культуротворення в мезолітознавстві України

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Залізняк, Леонід
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Стаття присвячена аналізу епохи культуротворення в українській археології кам’яної доби, а також важливої ролі видатного українського археолога Д. Я. Телегіна в дослідженні мезоліту України зазначеного періоду.
At the beginning of the 20th century the West European Scholars O. Spengler and А. Toynbee introduced a new мultichoice vision of the World history. In the western archaeology of the interwar period it resulted in rejection of the global stages of the development of the primitive state and mass distinguishing of the numerous local cultures. Іn the course of time the stage-schematic concepts of the culture development have progressively shown a trend to a concept of the locality not only in Western but in Eastern Europe too. The 1970s is notable for a start of the cultures distinguishing boom in the Mesolithic history of the European part of the Soviet Union. Rapid process of distinguishing of the local cultures spread all over European continent having fundamentally changed cultural-historical map of the Mesolithic Europe. The 70s are marked by publishing of numerous monographs dedicated to cultural differentiation and periodization of some regions of the Central-East Europe. These problems have come to dominate at the international congresses and conferences. Congress in 1973 in Warsaw or conference in Leningrad in 1974 might serve as examples. As a result of new culturalperiodizational researches the Mesolithic map of Europe has become extremely variegated and subject to changes almost every year. The process of cultural distinguishing in the Mesolithic studies in Ukraine and Russia was especially stimulated by the achievements of the Polish and the Lithuanian scholars in 1960—70s. A head of Stone Age department of Archaeology Institute of NAS of Ukraine prof. D. Ya. Telehin take active part at distinguishing of the local Mesolithic cultures of Ukraine. The final transfer of D. Ya. Telehin to the positions of locality is demonstrated in his main work, generalizing monograph on the Ukraine Mesolithic in 1982. The researcher in this work has already distinguished near 20 original cultures and types of the monuments developed within two chronological both early and late stages of the Mesolithic in Ukraine. Developing periodization of the Mesolithic of the Ukraine D. Telehin stimulated regional researches directing the youth to study the Mesolithic of separate regions or cultural communities.
Д. Я. Телегін, мезоліт, концепції стадіальності та локальності, археологічна культура, стаття, D. Ya. Telehin, Mesolithic, stage and locality conceptions, archeology culture
Залізняк Л. Л. Д. Я. Телегін і доба культуротворення в мезолітознавстві України / Л. Л. Залізняк // Археологія і давня історія України. - 2020. - Вип. 4 (37). - С. 16-23. - https://doi.org/10.37445/adiu.2020.04.01