Prospects for technological development of grain production in Ukraine

dc.contributor.authorCheremisina, Svetlana
dc.contributor.authorRossokha, Volodymyr
dc.contributor.authorSalo, Inna
dc.contributor.authorMohilova, Marina
dc.contributor.authorRomanchenko, Natalia
dc.description.abstractThe article examines the problems of technological support for the production of grain crops and the development of the grain industry in Ukraine. A retrospective analysis of the dynamics of the yield of grain crops and the main food crop - wheat in Ukraine is presented. The necessity of improving agrotechnological methods and introducing zoned varieties of agricultural crops due to the differentiation of climatic conditions necessary for the development of agriculture on the territory of Ukraine has been proved. A factorial analysis of the effect of intensification on the yield and efficiency of growing winter wheat has been carried out, a direct dependence of wheat yield on production costs and an inverse relationship between profitability and production costs have been established. The essence and advantages of using No-till technologies that do not require preliminary preparation of the field for sowing grain crops are disclosed. Modern trends in the development of technologies in agriculture in Ukraine are presented. The advantages of using various models of intensive technologies aimed at maximizing the realization of the potential of varieties and hybrids of grain crops are disclosed. A comparative characteristic of the elemental costs of growing winter wheat with high-cost and resource-saving technologies is given. The system of indicators for evaluating the economic efficiency of methods for improving the technological support of the production of grain crops is substantiated.en_US
dc.identifier.citationProspects for technological development of grain production in Ukraine / Cheremisina S., Rossokha V., Salo I., Mohilova M., Romanchenko N. // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 27-29 October 2021. - 2022. - Vol. 1010, Issue 1. - Article number 012020. -
dc.relation.sourceIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 27-29 October 2021.en_US
dc.statusfirst publisheduk_UA
dc.subjecttechnological operationen_US
dc.subjectconference materialsen_US
dc.titleProspects for technological development of grain production in Ukraineen_US
dc.typeConference materialsuk_UA
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