Dynamics of the Entrepreneur's Role Composition

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Maltsev, Eduard
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Entrepreneur, who creates and develops his own business, is obliged to play a lot of different roles, which essentially depend on the stage a business is developing on. Entrepreneur’s personal success and the success of his business greatly depend on his ability to successfully play different roles at the different stages of the business developing. Success of an entrepreneur in his roles essentially depends on the correct definition of the roles themselves, and the degree of preparedness of the entrepreneur for having different roles – personal capabilities, knowledge and received skills and experience. At the same time, despite the large number of studies such question as definition of the company’s life phases which only metaphorically can be related to the life phases of living beings; definition of the dominating types of entrepreneurial activity; definition of the role filling and competencies specific to different stages of the company’s life cycle and definition of entrepreneurs’ place in organizational hierarchy are left unresolved. This article is aimed to solve these issues. The article highlights four key stages in the development of business depending on the type of business activity, which is important at the certain stage. New approaches to the definition of conceptual business modelling through value propositions, business models and organizational models are considered in this article. Certain types of business activities can be presented with a help of roles, focused on external or internal context at the conceptual or behavioural level. This paper shows that this requires substantially different competencies of the entrepreneur and formulates the direction for the future research.
Entrepreneur, Business, Management role, Life cycle, Business model, Organizational model
Maltsev Eduard. Dynamics of the Entrepreneur's Role Composition / Eduard Maltsev // Amity Global Business Review. - 2016. - Vol. 11, February. - P. 7-15.