Modelling of resource flows in the coal industry of Ukraine

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Horoshkova, Lidiіa
Khlobystov, Yevgen
Volkov, Volodymyr
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The mechanism for Ukrainian coal mining industry`s sustainable development management has been formed as a result of the study. It has been proved that balancing mining, production of coal raw materials and their subsequent use in the production processes are the ways to ensure rational use of coal resources of Ukraine. The processes for coking coal is metal production, and for anthracite - thermal energy production. Relationship between growth rates of coking coal mining and production, coke mining, exports and imports of coke and ironmaking during 2008-2017s have been studied. It has been demonstrated that imports of coking coal essentially depends on the market pricing and has little to do with the needs of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine. It has been shown that the system for rational use of coking coal`s capacity in Ukraine should include balancing flows of coal mining, coke and semi-coke mining according to the needs of national metallurgical industry, taking into account cyclical nature of its development. The necessity of coordinating the volumes of anthracite extraction, production and consumption and taking into account short cycles of heat power development has been defined.
coal mining, ironmaking, price trends, conference materials
Horoshkova L. Modelling of resource flows in the coal industry of Ukraine / L. Horoshkova, I. Khlobystov, V. Volkov // Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects : proceedings of the XIXth International Conference / European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, All Ukrainian Association of Geoinformatics. - Kyiv : [s. n.], 2020.