Дослідження пізньотрипільського поселення Вільховець

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Відейко, Михайло
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Поселення трипільської культури біля с. Вільховець Звенигородського р-ну Черкаської обл. є найбільшим серед нині відомих пам’яток косенівської групи початку етапу СІІ Трипілля. Воно займало площу близько 180 га. У 1990-ті рр. тут здійснили магнітну зйомку, а також археологічні дослідження, матеріали з яких передано до Наукових фондів та експонування в Археологічному музеї Інституту археології НАН України. Публікуються результати цих досліджень.
Trypillya culture site near the village of Vilkhovets of Zvenyhorod Region of Cherkasy Oblast is one of the largest sites of the Kosenivka group from the end of CI — beginning of the CII stages of the Trypillia culture. It is occupied the area ca. 180 hectares. Large-scale magnetic survey on part of this territory and archaeological excavation were carried out here in the ninetees of the 20th century. The results of these researches and materials from the storage are published in the paper. The remains of burned two-storied dwelling were discovered in 1992. All the finds came from the remains of the house and the pit covered by it. Painted pottery from both objects is typical for the Kosenivka group. The socalled «kitchenware» was non-numerous. The fragments of striped smoothing over the neck of the pots indicate the earlier position within the Kosenivka group. Of particular interest are the remains of «kitchen» pots decorated in the style of Moliukhiv Buhor group which is associated by researchers with the Dereivka culture. The previously published C14 dates look like "younger" which may be reasoned by the peculiarities of the geology of this area, rich in natural radioactive substances. The Vilkhovets settlement can be dated before 3500 BC by comparson to the later Kosenivka settlements and sites of Dereivka culture. Vilkhovets may be the earliest settlement of Kosenivka group located at its eastern borders. This situation led to contacts with Moliukhiv Buhor group of Dereivka culture which is reflected by the decoration of Vilkhovets «kitchen ware» from one hand and by finds of painted pottery at Molukhiv Bugor (located at 140 km to East) from other hand. Consequently, Vilkhovets is an important site from several points of view: the development of the latest group of the Trypillia proto-cities and contacts of Trypillia people with steppe population in ca. middle 4th Millenium BC.
трипільська культура, косенівська група, поселення, Вільховець, стаття, Trypillia culture, Kosenivka group, settlement, Vilkhovets
Відейко М. Ю. Дослідження пізньотрипільського поселення Вільховець / М. Ю. Відейко // Археологія і давня історія України. - 2020. - Т. 34, № 1. - С. 68-79. - https://doi.org/10.37445/adiu.2020.01.05