Ukrainian travel media: analysis of thematic categories

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Shevchenko, Viktoriya
Malysh, Nataliia
Tkachuk-Miroshnychenko, Olena
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This article analyzes the content of Ukrainian travel media to determine their thematic orientation by utilizing content analysis and statistical methods. To verify the representation of different thematic categories in the travel media a two-stage research design was adopted. First, we conducted a survey, applying a random sampling method regarding the most important themes covered by different travel media. Respondents’ answers were analyzed and grouped into several categories: learning about the country, art, lifestyle, famous historical figures, nature and ecology, tips, tourism infrastructure, tourism development, marketing and trends. Second, a content analysis was conducted by using the method of distributive averages of the mode and median to calculate the share of each thematic category. The dominant travel media thematic categories demonstrated the following rating: 1) learning about the country, 2) tips, 3) lifestyle, 4) art, 5) nature and ecology, 6) famous historical figures, 7) tourism infrastructure, 8) marketing and trends, 9) tourism development.
thematic orientation, thematic categories, travel media, social media, travel journalism, content analysis, article
Shevchenko V. Ukrainian travel media: analysis of thematic categories / Viktoriya Shevchenko, Nataliia Malysh, Olena Tkachuk-Miroshnychenko // Medijske Studije. - 2022. - Vol. 13, Issue 25. - P. 125-146. -