Administrative restructuring of inter-regional and inter-ethnic relations: confronting types of solutions: [preprint]

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Yakushik, Valentin
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European Centre for Peace and Development of the University for Peace established the United Nations
In the context of the present analysis, “administrative restructuring” is regarded as the process leading to at least one of the following three results: (1) a change in the political and legal status of particular administrative entities within a state; (2) significant corrections of the boundaries between the existing administrative entities; (3) the creation of the new administrative (e.g. autonomous) entities, or the dissolution or loss of the old (traditional) ones. The present analysis is not just a purely theoretical exercise; rather, it is an attempt to present some typologies, which are relevant and important for identifying and listing the existing and possible confronting approaches (some of them being latent) to solving the acute inter-ethnic and inter-regional conflicts in the Western Balkans and, in particular, in Kosovo and Metohija (although not only there, but possibly also in Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia–Herzegovina). Keeping in mind mostly the process of further restructuring of the ex-Yugoslav territory (and concentrating on the related topical issues), some relevant and useful experiences of other regions will be presented, and some conclusions can be drawn from other countries facing the problems of separatism and irredentism, or at least the extreme forms of decentralisation, bordering on fragmentation.
administrative restructuring, inter-regional relations, inter-ethnic relations, адміністративна реструктуризація, міжрегіональні відносини, міжетнічні відносини
Yakushik V. Administrative Restructuring of Inter-Regional and Inter-Ethnic Relations: Confronting Types of Solutions / Valentin Yakushik // Inter-Ethnic Reconciliation, Religious Tolerance and Human Security in the Balkans. Proceedings of the Second ECPD International Conference / Editors: Takehiro Togo, Jeffrey Levett, Negoslav P. Ostojić. – Belgrade: European Centre for Peace and Development of the University for Peace established by the United Nations. - 2007. – P. 23-30.