Sergei Chakhotin – His Contributions to Social Psychology and Biophysics

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Posudin, Yuriy
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This book is a biographical critique of the life and the scientific and public contributions of Sergei Chakhotin, an outstanding biophysicist, tireless innovator, an expert in crowd psychology and political propaganda. He was the first to use focused ultraviolet radiation to alter a living cell and developed a series of unique methods and tools for microscopic operations on test objects. Chakhotin found himself in the midst of political, military and social events in Europe during his life. While watching the emergence of totalitarian regimes, Chakhotin studied the problems of social psychology focusing upon human instinct and conditioned reflexes, particularly with regard to the behaviour of masses, and to elucidate the mechanism of transformating a large segment of the population such that it could be governed by leaders by means of political propaganda. Sergei Chakhotin concluded that freedom, peace, and clemency should be an integral part of human nature, those responses are fixed deeply in every human being. The achievement of this goal is possible in accordance with the Pavlov’s theory through the formation of a reasonable form of corresponding conditioned reflexes, propaganda, and especially education.
ultraviolet microirradiation of cells, manipulation technique, experimental cytology
Posudin Yuriy Ivanovych. Sergei Chakhotin – His Contributions to Social Psychology and Biophysics / Yuriy Posudin ; ed. : Stanley J. Kays, Pierre Tchakhotine. - Kiev : Artmedia print, 2015. - 120 p. : ill., portr.