Gender issues in Lesia Ukrainka's literature heritage

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Balatska, Natalia
Kozeletska, Iryna
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The article devoted to the 150th anniversary of the birth of prominent Ukrainian writer and public figure Lesia Ukrainka describes her vision and perception of woman’s position in European literature and society. The uniqueness of Lesia’s research is presented through the deep analysis of her personal life and professional activity as a writer, a poet and a scientist. In this article Lesia Ukrainka is depicted as the intellectual and scholarly woman who was one of the first in Ukraine and Europe who made the very detailed analysis of such new and undiscovered issue as woman’s emancipation. The attention is on the fact that Lesia Ukrainka gave objective vision of the matter without supporting radical feminists in their desire to make a woman a super creature, more perfect than a man.
Ukrainian and European literatures, feministic approach, women’s matters, emancipation, patriarchal society, analysis and perception, creativity, woman’s position in the society, conference materials
Balatska N. I. Gender issues in Lesia Ukrainka's literature heritage / Balatska Natalia Ivanivna, Kozeletska Iryna Stepanivna // Fundamental and applied research in the modern world : abstracts of VIII International Scientific and Practical Conference, Boston, USA, 17-19 March 2021. - Boston, 2021. - P. 30-38.