Ukraine – West Dialogue in Gender Aspect: Review of Discourse on Seminar about Women’s Participation in Politics

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Martsenyuk, Tamara
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From the topic of seminar "Women and Politics in Ukraine – Benefiting from International Experience" it is obvious that foreign colleagues who are experts in gender politics will share their successful experience of gender politics implementation. Moreover, it is also the experience of so called Northern (Scandinavian) countries in Europe that are famous of one of the best gender situation in the whole world. Seminar consisted from four parts, i.e. welcome speeches of representatives of Ukrainian government services, speeches of guests and researchers from abroad, from Kyiv, and regions of Ukraine. That is why we should emphasize three main discourse areas that appeared around the topic of gender politics. First of them (the most general) is connected with gender situation in Ukraine and in the West, second one shows the gender situation in the capital of Ukraine and in the regions, and third one is based on the cooperation of government services with non3government sector – women’s NGOs.
women and politic, gender politics, gender, gender equality, lobbying possibilities of women’s interests, gender aspect of corruption
Martsenyuk T. Ukraine – West Dialogue in Gender Aspect : Review of Discourse on Seminar about Women’s Participation in Politics / Tamara Martsenyuk // Жінки в політиці: міжнародний досвід для України: зб. наук. праць = Woman and Politics in Ukraine: Benefiting from International Experience / за заг. ред. Я.Свердлюк та С.Оксамитної. – К.: Атіка, 2006. – С. 258-263.