Magnetic and atmogeochemical studies at the hydrocarbon area Nedilna, Ukraine

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Menshov, O.
Bagriy, I.
Horoshkova, Lidiіa
Kruhlov, B.
Andreeva, O.
Kruglov, O.
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Hydrocarbons remain one of the most important fuels in the world, including Ukraine. The important is to look for new and refine existing methods of hydrocarbon exploration to improve the energy and economic level of our country. Magnetic method is one of the cheapest and most efficient technique, which includes magnetic survey, soil sampling and magnetic measurements, and studies of the deeper soil-forming rocks and near-surface layers. In this study, we combined the magnetic and atmogeochemical measurements of the soil gases related to the hydrocarbons microseepage. The study site is located on the outskirts of the village Balabanivka, Bohodukhiv district, Kharkiv region. The results confirmed that the measured magnetic and atmogeochemical parameters are the indicators of the halo effect of the hydrocarbons as well as the landscape factors. The decrease in the methane content versus the decrease in the soil magnetic susceptibility (MS) in the area of the productive well was registered. This information is promising for the application of the method at the areas of the hydrocarbon deposits at the initial stage of the exploration.
hydrocarbons, magnetic method, magnetic and atmogeochemical measurements of the soil, magnetic survey, soil sampling, magnetic measurements, conference materials
Magnetic and atmogeochemical studies at the hydrocarbon area Nedilna, Ukraine / O. Menshov, I. Bagriy, L. Horoshkova, B. Kruhlov, O. Andreeva, O. Kruglov // XV International Scientific Conference "Monitoring of Geological Processes and Ecological Condition of the Environment", Kyiv, Ukraine, 17-19 November 2021 / Institute of telecommunications and global information space of NAS of Ukraine. - Kyiv, 2021. - [5] p.