Межі ареалу elaeagnus angustifolia l. на Правобережжі України

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Норенко, Катерина
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Маслинка вузьколиста (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) – це інвазійний вид, який поширився на території України. Протягом польового сезону 2015 р. були визначені північна та західна межі поширення виду. Було встановлено специфічні особливості, які характеризують пріоритети маслинки вузьколистої відповідно до рельєфу, конкуренції, гідрологічного режиму. Результати аналізу є важливими для визначення основних сприятливих факторів для успішної адаптації виду і прогнозу його потенційного подальшого поширення.
Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) is an invasive species which has spread throughout the territory of Ukraine. The summer fieldwork in 2015 determined the northern and western boundaries of this species in the Right-Bank Ukraine by additionally using the herbarium data and information from the state bodies of the forestry activity branch. Based on these data, we have created a map of the boundaries of this species, particularly the artificial and natural stands, single individuals and numerous populations. The northern boundaries of E. angustifolia correlate with the southern boundaries of the temperate forests zone, where Russian olive is absent because of the soddy-podzolic silicate soils. Therefore, the northern boundaries of the spread of E. angustifolia are the maximum possible ones of the realized ecological niche of the species, which is limited by the extension of loess and carbonate soils. The western boundaries match to the Precarpathian region, which suppress the spread of E. angustifolia according to different climatic conditions. Based on the observations, we described the mechanisms of expansion, the source of natural spread, and the passes for distribution by birds. The endozoochorous type of expansion correlates with the other plant species which are distributed on the same territories. The author has also described specific preferences of Russian olive related to relief, hydrological regime, edaphic qualities, and competitive abilities as well. E. angustifolia is a transformer species which changes the character, condition, and nature of the grass vegetation cover. Along with these features, Russian olive has also a range of positive aspects which are described in the article. The results of the research are significant for the determination of key favorable factors for the successful adaptation of E. angustifolia and for the prediction of its potential spread.
інвазійний вид, Elaeagnus angustifolia, ареал, прогноз поширення, invasive species, Russian olive, prediction of spread
Норенко К. М. Межі ареалу elaeagnus angustifolia l. на Правобережжі України / Норенко K. M. // Наукові записки НаУКМА : Біологія та екологія. - 2016. - Т. 184. - С. 57-60.