How to help Ukrainian scientists overcome Russia's invasion and advance sustainability

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Sotnik, Garry
Spinova, Yuliia
Sotnik, Tetiana
Polotska, Olga
Kysil, Oksana
Krakovska, Svitlana
Diachuk, Oleksandr
Bezvershenko, Yulia
Berezko, Oleksandr
Beldavs, Vidvuds
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Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine is devastating Ukraine and its people. As scientists living and working in Ukraine or working closely with Ukrainians, we see two critical paths through which the international science community and funding organizations can help Ukrainian scientists help Ukraine. One path involves supporting new partnerships between Ukrainian scientists, their international counterparts, and Ukrainian civil society and government. Such partnerships can help tackle the extreme challenges posed by the invasion as well as prepare Ukraine for sustainable recovery and development. The second path involves supporting the development of a new sustainability science curriculum in Ukraine to prepare local expertise for driving the country's recovery and development. Action now can help the Ukrainian science community overcome Russia’s invasion and, in the process, emerge more robust and better prepared to advance its country’s sustainable development.
Russia’s invasion, sustainability in Ukraine’s socioeconomic development, multi-sector reforms, poverty, economic vulnerability, needs of Ukrainians, article
How to help Ukrainian scientists overcome Russia's invasion and advance sustainability / Garry Sotnik, Yuliia Spinova, Tetiana Sotnik, Olga Polotska, Oksana Kysil, Svitlana Krakovska, Oleksandr Diachuk, Yulia Bezvershenko, Oleksandr Berezko, Vidvuds Beldavs, and Andriy Andrusevych // Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. - 2023. - Vol. 120, No. 6. - e2219792120. -