A Comprehensive Program of activities to develop sustainable core skills in novice scientists

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Vlasenko, Catherine
Rovenska, Olga
Chumak, Olena
Lovianova, Iryna
Achkan, Vitaly
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This paper is aimed at studying scientific communication as an integral part of a scientists activity. The authors of this article analysed the development of informational technologies, which gave rise to a new paradigm of scientific communication Research 2.0. In the present study the analysis of research papers, describing models of scientific communication is done. The findings allow to define the structure and content of a comprehensive program of activities, connected to scientific communication in compliance with the Scientific Communication Life Cycle Model. In order to implement the program, aimed at developing core skills through scientific communication of scientists, a target audience, comprising postgraduate students and young researchers in Mathematics and TeachingMethods was engaged. A five-stage program of activities, which was developed, prompted scientific activity of young researchers and gave them an opportunity to learn about means of presenting research results, elements of management, mechanisms for applying the findings. A constructive description of each module of the program is done, actions and a strategy are described, communication between participants and tutors through the platform Higher School Mathematics Teacher is arranged in this research. In order to assess the efficiency of implementing the program, Researcher Development Framework (RDF) is used. The study also presents the results of the activity of young researchers, who were engaged in the program. Following the change in the phase of the development of researchers characteristic features and in compliance with RDF, a conclusion is made about a positive impact of the program on the development of career skills of young scientists, their interaction skills, awareness of professional behavior procedure.
A comprehensive program of activities to develop sustainable core skills in novice scientists [electronic resource] / Vlasenko K. V., Rovenska O. G., Chumak O. O., Lovianova I. V., Achkan V. V. // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. - 2021. - Vol. 1946, Issue 1. - Article number 012017 (13th International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, ICon-MaSTEd 2021, Kryvyi Rih, 12-14 May 2021). - https://doi.org/10.1088/1742-6596/1946/1/012017