Influence of Leadership Potential on the Effectiveness of Managerial Change

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Ignatieva, Iryna
Serbenivska, Alina
Babina, Elena
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The current article puts forward the following hypothesis: leadership potential is the key to the effectiveness of changes taking place within business structures to ensure their functioning in the markets. In this context, the authors conducted research on leadership potential of the business structures operating in Ukraine. The following objectives have been specified: 1) to analyze and evaluate the development of leadership potential at Ukrainian enterprises and develop its regulation; 2) to provide tools for the enterprise change assessment in the dynamics by means of leadership potential. Fifteen enterprises of the textile industry of Ukraine have been involved in the research. Analysis is based on a random sample of 300 respondents. The analysis of the dominance of the activated change management system conducted on the basis of resultant leadership has revealed that leadership potential is the key factor for change.
change management effectiveness, enterprise potential, individual leadership, leadership, leadership potential, social management, article
Ignatieva I. A. Influence of Leadership Potential on the Effectiveness of Managerial Change / Iryna Ignatieva, Alina Serbenivska, Elena Babina // International Journal of Information Technology Project Management. - 2023. - Vol. 14, Issue 1. - Article Number 323207. - 8 p. -