Проблема вичерпаності "антиправди" як інструмента пропаганди у дискурсі мас-медіа

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The diversity of approaches to the analysis of the means and techniques of "hybrid war" and the role of propaganda in it is an actual subject of scientific research in the sociology of mass media, social psychology, media psychology, social communications, etc. Interdisciplinarity as a trend of modern science becomes the key that allows to deeply and comprehensively analyze the problem and reveal its unexpected aspects that lead to its solution. This is also the problem of exhaustionof "anti-truth" as a tool of propaganda in the modern discourse of the mass media. Undermining authenticity and blocking citizens’ self-awareness are actually the "effects" that media propaganda of the aggressor country tries to achieve. However, these two factors cannot influence indefinitely. The human psyche is characterized by self-preservation, which is closely related to self-awareness. The fight against the loss of authenticity does not begin immediately, but when the conditions of social reality begin to intervene sharply in the "life world" of the individual and imaginary "media images" become more and more distant from the real life of a person. The more noticeable the dissonance between reality and the imaginary manipulated picture of the world, the shorter is the term of blind trust in the "anti-truth". Any "anti-truth" is quickly approaching its exhaustion, the limits beyond which the means of individualizing information exchange come into conflict with the means of propaganda. An individual who creates his own "information field" becomes a full-fledged subject of the media space. In the conditions of the globalization of information technologies, it is subjectivity and personification in the space of networks that become a prerequisite for the exhaustion of "anti-truth" and safeguards against the loss of authenticity and the blocking of the individual’s self-awareness
mass media, communication, propaganda, personification, subjectivity, authenticity, article
Сусська О. О. Проблема вичерпаності "антиправди" як інструмента пропаганди у дискурсі мас-медіа / Ольга Сусська // Evropský politický a právní diskurz. - 2022. - Vol. 9, Issue 5. - Р. 60-65. - https://doi.org/10.46340/eppd.2022.9.5.3