Одна із контроверсійних проблем на початку Козацької революції 1648 року

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Пріцак, Лариса
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One of the controversial problems of the initials of Cossack revolution in 1648 м the so called «Jewish disorders». In order to be objective in this debatable issue it is necessary to consider the compilation «Documents of Bohdan Khmel 'nyts 'kyj where there is no such agitation document for the abovementioned actions. The analysis of XVII century chronicles, those of Nathan Hannover in particular, and to which N. Yakovenko, the author of the manual, is referring to is given by scientist Weinryb B.D. from USA. The professor emphasizes that the works of these chronicles are not scientific; their authors are cabbalists, rabbi who did not have the secular education and interpreted the world through the perspective of biblical metaphors and figures. In historical investigation the initial point is the analysis and critics of the source even if only one quotation is mentioned. The use of such facts from XVII century chronicles (Nathan Hannover) is beneficial for the modern enemies of Ukrainian nation with the purpose of distribution of the myth about the anti-Jewish criminal actions in Ukraine since Bohdan Khmel'nyts 'kyjperiod.
період Богдана Хмельницького, «єврейські погроми», комплексна соціальна структура, польський та український істеблішмент, Bohdan Khmel'nyts'kyj period (1648-1657), «Jewish disorders», the complex society structure, Polish and Ukrainian establishment
Пріцак, Л. Д. Одна із контроверсійних проблем на початку Козацької революції 1648 року / Л.Д. Пріцак // Актуальні питання сходознавства, славістики, україністики: (Пам'яті Омеляна Пріцака) / відп. ред. В.В. Лучик. - К. : ВПЦ НаУКМА, 2010. – С. 169-174