Climate Change Games as an Effective Tool for ESD Practices

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Khalaim, Oleksandra
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Climate change is one of the most acute problems humanity is facing nowadays. At the same time, the school curriculum in Ukraine in most cases does not include up-to-date, practically oriented knowledge about climate change threats. For this reason this study describes examples of well-known climate change games, translated and adaptated for use in Ukrainian schools and aims to analyze role playing games about climate change as a tool that can be used in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The article describes 12 games selected from 5 open-access sources (like WWF, Red Cross Climate Centre), which were used in pilot studies conducted in 5 Ukrainian schools in order to estimate their applicability in the school educational program for biological disciplines. The results indicate a significant effect of raising the level ofunderstanding of climate change threats and solutions; the proposed games can efficiently cover the educational gap in this field.
climate change education, ecological games, ESD, role playing games, article
Khalaim Oleksandra. Climate Change Games as an Effective Tool for ESD Practices / Oleksandra Khalaim // Studia Periegetica. - 2017. - Nr. 1 (17). - P. 111-122.