Basic Research Data Management for Researchers in Digital Age

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Chukanova, Svitlana
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Discussion. Nowadays, we try to maintain our research on the current state and try to be aware of what’s new concepts appear in our area of research. In order to present, the research results we need to produce publications or reports, which describe our research output for a greater audience. However, in the digital age, it is not enough just to present our research output but what more important – we need to show the data on which we base our argument. Many researchers and research institution discuss the topic of research data management as one of the most effective techniques in planning your research and giving access to your datasets. Results. According to J. A. Hourclé and T. A. King, data are used to support the research question and may be represented in different forms including documents if we are talking about social or historical science. С. Borgman considers data as the main unit of research, which represents factual interpreted information in forms of observation, calculation, records, experimental data, and digital data.
Research Data Management (RDM), Research Data Lifecycle, repository, data sets, research planning, article
Chukanova S. Basic Research Data Management for Researchers in Digital Age / Svitlana Chukanova // "The 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership: Lessons Learnt, Current Challenges and Future Perspectives" : Conference Proceedings, Kyiv, June 7, 2019 / Ukrainian Association of Professors and Researchers of European Integration. - Kyiv, 2019. - P. 41-43.