Blockchain-based wildlife data-management framework for the WWF bison rewilding project

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Dryga, Andrii
Tsiulin, Sergey
Valiavko, Mariia
Qing, Yang
Reinau, Kristian Hegner
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Mass digitalization, remote sensors, and flexible database solutions encourage organizations to look closer at new technologies as an efficient management tool. In these conditions, the leveraging of blockchain and wireless tracking devices represents a field of fargoing technology development and can be used for wildlife data management. The purpose of this research is to introduce the applicable solution for the case provided by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) regarding bison population rewilding in Eastern Europe. The goal of the paper is to create a data management framework, which combines information into one multi-integrated system visible to stakeholders. The paper theoretically extends the existing MIT OPAL blockchain-based model, which was implemented for the WWF bison rewilding project, showing a solution from managerial and technical perspectives. The proposed platform is able to provide secure geospatial wildlife data, increase intention to make donations to the project and facilitate the conditions for a better tourism experience. We found that such a system can have a positive effect on the project’s cost reduction, flexibility in redirecting manpower within the region and become a useful tool for decision-makers.
Blockchain, rewilding, wildlife data security, data-management framework, conference materials
Blockchain-based wildlife data-management framework for the WWF bison rewilding project [electronic resource] : conference paper / Dryga A., Tsiulin S., Valiavko M., Qing Y., Reinau K. H. // Big Data Technologies : 2nd International Conference (Jinan, China, August 28-30, 2019). - 2019. - P. 62-66.