The Role Of The Media In Intercultural Dialogue

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Iemelianenko, Mania
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The article explores the place of communication as an integral part of any culture. Communication is carried out through sign systems and is necessary for the preservation and transfer of accumulated social experience. Communication can take the form of imitation, management and dialogue, all of it depends on the purpose of the interaction, the nature of the information and the specific communicative situation. The modem socio-cultural situation is characterized by a significantly increased importance of information, communication, intensification of intercultural contacts. The social, political and economic changes that have taken place in recent years, as well as the rapid media development, have led to the fact that more and more people have crossed the cultural barriers that separated them and entered into a process of interaction with representatives of other cultures.
Article written by master of the second year of study at NaUKMA, educational and scientific program "Anti-Corruption Studios", specialty 052 - Political Science.
communication, globalization, intercultural dialogue, article