Organization of ophthalmological care in Ukraine

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Skrypnikova, Olena
Yurochko, Tetiana
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The aim: To consider the organization of ophthalmological care in Ukraine for cataract and glaucoma and +nd out whether it is appropriate to implement advanced good practices of reference countries for Ukraine. Materials and methods: The method of desk review was used, supported by secondary analysis of data, in particular legislative acts. The research included conducting expert interviews with ophthalmologist of the public and private sectors, heads of public healthcare institutions, and management of the National Health Service of Ukraine. We also used materials on good practices from partners within the project ID 22120107 supported by Visegrád Fund. Results: Since the burden of ophthalmological pathologies is increasing and processes of reforming the health care system are taking place, changes in the organization and +nancing of ophthalmological services are taking place. Within the framework of the partner project, "Access to healthcare services in the context of +nancing mechanisms. The case of ophthalmology" identi+ed good practices in the organization of ophthalmological care in the context of improving access to services and improving quality. The results of interviews with key stakeholders led to the fact that the respondents generally support all the good practices proposed by the partner countries and indicate their arguments why the proposed practices are (not)appropriate to implement in Ukraine. Conclusions: The organization and +nancing of healthcare in Ukraine still require the study and implementation of good practices so that patients can have access to quality services and treatment.
organization of ophthalmological care, financing, ophthalmology, good practices, DRG, article
Skrypnikova O. S. Organization of ophthalmological care in Ukraine / Olena S. Skrypnikova, Tetiana P. Yurochko // Wiadomosci lekarskie. - 2023. - Vol. 76, Issue 4. - P. 805-810. -