Професійна підготовка юристів у Голландії

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Андрощук, Аліна
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Видавничий дім "KM Academia"
Матеріал виступу на Міжнародній конференції "Практичні проблеми юридичної освіти України в контексті європейської інтеграції", Київ, Україна, 20 вересня 2001 р.
The article begins with reminding of what the Dutch law is and that it has borrowed the essentials from various European law traditions and now presents the synthesis of the Roman, Dutch, French, German and English laws. Holland is commonly though to represent the Romanic group. The author describes in detail the process of studying law in today's i lolland. i he basic legal education is provided at universities (institutes and middle level vocational schools do not train lawyers). The right to train workers of taw is vested to 9 law colleges with the University of Amsterdam, Free University of Amsterdam, University of Gronnmghen, University of Leiden, Limburg University (Maastricht), Catholic University of Neimeghen, Erasmus University (Rotterdam), Brabant Catholic Lhiversity (Tilburg) and University of Utrecht. The Open University (Herlen) also teaches law. The author lists the subjects included in the educational programmers of University Colleges of Law. An interesting experience is that universities maintain their status independent of the government. Every university organizes the educational process and tests students at its own discretion following, however, the main legislative principles, provisions and the University Charter, although in The Netherlands a discussion is still going on as to possible abolishing the latter and giving universities the freedom to make up the list of exams. The article analyses the problems of legal profession in Holland especially those of employment opportunities due to overproduction of specialists. Legal education in Holland is a mobile, efficient and Europeoriented system whose specific features are helpful to know for developing the same in Ukraine. In Ukraine the system of advocacy as well as notary system are being built up. Since experience and juridical knowledge (in the field of civil law in particular! have no national borders it is reasonable to study organizational and functional principles of the Dutch advocacy and notariat so as to accelerate the formation of legal assistance infrastructure in Ukraine.
юридична освіта, Голландія, голландське право, навчальний процес, юрист, Вільний університет Амстердама, юридичні програми, спеціалізована камерційна адвокатура, матеріали конференції
Андрощук А. Професійна підготовка юристів у Голландії / Аліна Андрощук // Практичні проблеми юридичної освіти України в контексті європейської інтеграції : матеріали Міжнародної конференції, Київ, Україна, 20 вересня 2001 р. : виступи та доповіді учасників = Practical problems of legal education of Ukraine in the context of European integration / Нац. ун-т "Києво-Могилянська Академія" ; М-во у справах міжнародного розвитку Великої Британії. - Київ : Видавничий дім "KM Academia", 2001. - С. 7-17.