Between European Union and Russia: energy issues in Ukrainian foreign policy

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dc.contributor.author Kroshka, Iana
dc.date.accessioned 2015-12-08T09:31:00Z
dc.date.available 2015-12-08T09:31:00Z
dc.date.issued 2014
dc.identifier.citation Kroshka I. Between European Union and Russia: energy issues in Ukrainian foreign policy / Iana Kroshka // Українська орієнталістика : [збірник наукових праць]. - 2013-2014. - Вип. 7-8. - С. 172-178. en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://ekmair.ukma.edu.ua/handle/123456789/7489
dc.description.abstract Energy is the material basis for the progress of human civilization and an indispensable basic condition for the development of modem society. The words of the 39th President of the United States Jimmy Carter should never be forgotten: “We simply must balance our demand for energy with our rapidly shrinking resources. By acting now we can control our future instead of letting the future control us”. In reality, however, energy development at present still faces many challenges, the energy demand and the sources available still seem like an unsolvable equation,' especially when it comes to Ukraine, where 70% of gas consumption relies on im ­ ports. Energy issues are still highly politicized and polarized in this country, needlessly influencing national security interests. Therefore, this article is devoted to researching current Ukrainian energy issues and their influence on the development of the foreign policy of Ukraine. In other words, the main purpose of the paper is to shed light on Ukraine’s energy sector as well as its role in Ukrainian foreign policy in general: how to maintain close cooperation with Russia but not over-rely on it (due to the energy shortage in Ukraine, Russian Federation is still it s the most important source of energy supply); how in the circumstances of dependency on Russia to establish equal and mutually beneficial energy cooperation relations with it; how to hold Russian’s energy diplomacy towards Ukraine in an appropriate balance; how to maintain and improve the energy and economic security of Ukraine and to keep friendly and balanced relations with Europe at the same time. Moreover, the article also focuses on the role of the energy policy in international relations between Ukraine, Russia and European Union countries. en_US
dc.language.iso zh zh-CN
dc.subject European union en_US
dc.subject Russia en_US
dc.subject foreign policy en_US
dc.title Between European Union and Russia: energy issues in Ukrainian foreign policy en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.status published earlier en_US
dc.relation.source Українська орієнталістика uk_UA

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