Щодо предмета цивільного права

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Музика, Леся
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У статті розглянуто одну актуальну проблему предмета цивільно-правового регулювання, його сучасне розуміння в контексті конвергенції приватного та публічного права.
The article is devoted to the scientific and legal analyzes the topical problem of the subject of civil law regulation, its current understanding in the context of convergence of private and public law. Was analyzed the boundaries of private and public law branches, their modern interconnection and interpenetration require a modern understanding of the essence of relations that these branches of law are regulated. That is why the issue of the subject of legal regulation is very acute now. Was investigated the experience of foreign countries regarding the structure of the legal system and the allocation of various branches of law has been researched. The basic approaches to the criteria of division of the branch of law are analyzed. The weak and strong points of each of the investigated approaches are revealed and the own vision of this problem is formulated.
предмет правового регулювання, предмет цивільного права, публічне право, приватне право, галузі права, стаття, subject of legal regulation, subject of civil law, public law, private law, branch of law
Музика Л. А. Щодо предмета цивільного права / Музика Л. А. // Eurasian Academic Research Journal. - Yerevan, 2018. - № 4 (22). - P. 87-93.